Saturday, June 6, 2009

FLYFOTO Photography

To some, photography is a business. To me, it is a passion. It is through this amazingly creative process that I study my subjects, and always strive to find that elusive ‘precise moment’ which separates a great image, from one that captivates, enlightens, informs. I believe that the final image must be dynamic, dramatic, artistic.I shoot selectively, and always with a very specific goal. To that end, I choose models carefully, and with highest respect for that goal. Many models have told me that I am easy and fun to work with. I have an intuitive knack for identifying strengths and weaknesses of models as I shoot them and adjust my approach to suit the individual. That sensibility allows me to tap into the real essence of the subjects that I am shooting and achieve images that are powerful yet simple all at the same time.
If a photo catches your eye, please leave a comment. These models work very hard and your thoughts are appreciated!
I am always up for meeting & working with new models who are just beginning their career and trying to put a diverse collection of images together.
Available by appointment for studio portraiture, and portfolio work.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my images.
Enjoy Life.
To inquire about my photography services, or about any model represented here, contact me at:

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