Friday, February 28, 2014

'Inside Out' a book by Andrew Grey, cover by FLYFOTO

It is with great excitement that I present 'Inside Out' a book by Andrew Grey.

From the Author:

Last April, I had finished the draft of Inside Out and needed a spectacular cover image.  A fellow author suggested Jesse Jackman, and put me in touch with him through Twitter.  He liked the idea and approached FLYFOTO to take the image.  As you can see bot the base image as well as the actual book cover are fantastic.  I want to thank both Jesse and FLYFOTO  for their assistance.  
FLYFOTO and Jesse’s partner Dirk are currently collaborating on an image for the follow up story Upside Down.  Stay tuned for that image and cover.  They are equally striking.  

About the Book:

Former mercenary Bull Krebbs now heads up security at his nightclub in Harrisburg, PA. Working the door night after night, he's seen it all. Though tough on the outside, he's a little hurt that people find him unapproachable. Then he pulls a cute twink out of line to perform a random search, and he's surprised when the guy giggles and squirms.

Zach Spencer, graphic artist, twink, and seriously ticklish, isn't intimidated by Bull. He's in awe, and when Bull saves Zach from being trampled on the dance floor, Zach finds his inspiration for the superhero in his graphic novel.

Soon Zach wants more and makes his move by asking Bull on a date. Though small, he has a backbone of steel. He'll need it—their happily ever after is thwarted at every turn, including by Bull's interloping mother showing up unannounced and enemies from Bull's past threatening to pull him to the other side of the world.

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